Help Paying for Prescriptions


With benefits shrinking and the price of medications constantly rising (use any extra money to buy stock in pharmaceutical companies!), the choice of eating or buying our medications is no longer relegated to the elderly.


Here are some places where you can find breaks on the prices of prescription medications and over-the-counter needs. The medications we have ordered have been identical the same as those purchased at outrageously inflated  pharmacy prices.


Narcotics are not available through these services yet, but personally I've gone from over $300 a month to less than $90 by using these services and getting a 3-month supply rather than a month's supply of my meds.


You'll need a prescription from your doctor to mail or have the doctor fax in. It is then rewritten by the company's doctor, filled, and shipped to you. The medications can usually have refills built in, making reordering easy. Most require a credit or debit card.


I've personally only used Canada Pharmacy, so can only personally vouch for those two, but most operate the same.


Canada Pharmacy - the medications are the same as those sold in the U.S. and prices are lower. They also have more variety and choice of quantity and dosage.


Saving Money with a Prescription Drug Discount Card - Do Your Homework and Be Wise with Your Prescription Discount Card